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Do not follow pokemonstuffism. Why? They reblog posts and remove captions and art sources in the name of self promotion. They’ve done it to my original posts and to art.

This is just wrong. You just don’t claim anyone’s original thoughts and ideas as your own. Ever. I don’t care if I loose followers of get hate for this.

The same goes for every other blog out there that does this. Spread the word to make sure they get the hint


A little trick to remember the Katakana シ (shi) and ツ (tsu).

Basically you cancle the ‘head’ of the Hiragana and follow its stroke.
While SHI is the one with the curve from bottom to top,
TSU's goes from top to bottom.

My skills are limited but I hope this helps some people! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

The way my Japanese teacher taught me was, when you do the long stroke for shi you start from the bottom to the top and for tsu it’s the opposite. And the little strokes follow the direction of the long stroke.


Watching Pokémon on Saturday mornings as a kid

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